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Term 2 – Week 4

Term 2 – Week 3

Pixel Art: Problems & Solutions

Pixel art can be used in games as a style and a creative direction. There is a lot of Software that can be used to create pixel art (including MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop) which can then be used for textures in a game.  Pixel art has been used in a wide variety games over the years and has shown to be a very successful way of animating 2D games as well as an effective way to portray a creator’s concept. Continue reading “Term 2 – Week 3”


Term 2 – Week 2

Introduction to Pixel Art – “The Queen”

For this task, I was required to interpret one of two images of Queen Elizabeth II into pixel art as if she was a side scrolling player sprite in 16×16, 24×24 and 32×32 resolutions. This also involved making sure that there was contrast or blended colours where necessary to show the change in parts of the body along with adding depth to the image. The sprites were also supposed to just have features that imply who it is so imitating the original image’s pose was not advised. Continue reading “Term 2 – Week 2”

Term 2 – Week 1

Promoting Indie Games

In this document, I will be deciding which social media platforms would be ideal for an indie designer (and myself) to use for promoting their content and gaining an audience. Continue reading “Term 2 – Week 1”

Reflective Evaluation

Term One Project

“Hansel and Gretel” Interactive E-Book

After creating an interactive E-Book, I was able to show a range of techniques using, multiple pieces of software, that I have learnt over the process of this term and after applying them to my work, they have shown to be effective. Continue reading “Reflective Evaluation”


1.1 Compare a range of critical perspectives that influence the analysis of creative media production activities.



1.1 Locate, access and use information to support own development.

Continue reading “UNIT 3: CONTEXT/INDUSTRY”


1.1 Critically compare a range of research tools, methods and skills.

Continue reading “UNIT 2: RESEARCH”


1.1 Apply understanding of a range of processes to support media activities.

Continue reading “UNIT 1: PRACTICAL”

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