“Prevent” is a safeguarding policy that works to prevent extremist behavior and show concern toward people who may end up joining groups of this nature, such as religion, politics and “rights” movements. The government enforce this by responding to any terrorism or threats, making the person aware that it is for extremist measure (not because of the reason for the acts), doing all they can to stop people getting persuaded into extremist act, giving help/support to those involved and they work with institutions to help the communities.

Radicalization is a secretive group following of extremists and they tend to heavily target children who can be manipulated or persuaded. Things to look out for in children are if the child isolates himself/herself from close ones, speaking robotically, an inability to share their perception life, sudden bad temper and secretive internet usage. The NSPCC will take care of any concerns people have about radicalization.

As a creative, I am able to support the cause by avoiding using anything that might deem a bad group in a good way as well as avoiding anything discriminating.