When I was younger I fell in love with cartoons and animated movies that I’d watch on the TV or internet. The love continued to turn into a passion as I watched more becoming interested in the industries surrounding the business along with the creation and animating process.At school I optionally studied iMedia, Art and Performing Arts as they all interested me at the time. I eventually have come to desire learning to animate myself and have looked into art based college courses in hope to better my drawing capabilities but have not been too successful. Now I am applying myself to the enrolment of a course in “Digital Design and Social Media” in a hope to learn more about the productive side of the industry along with hopefully becoming familiar with relevant software. I feel this to be a huge opportunity for me.

On the course I hope to learn more about how to work in a creative media environment as well as tune my mind into a productive mind-set. I would also like to pick up great tips about how what works to keep the attention of others as it is in my interest to entertain.

I appreciate all creative arts as I believe everyone has their own means of portrayal for their work and with the definition of right or wrong being down to perception, I understand that the quality of works can be hard to judge so I find it easy to appreciate them (but I can critique them if necessary).